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Post the most important, or just the new?

Posted by RaptorAnim - December 6th, 2018

I can upload the most important pictures from all the +600 renders I have done during the last two years. Just in case, here's a link to my old tumblr backup: https://anthroanim.wordpress.com/

Alternatively, I can just post the new stuff for now on, so we don't mix old renders with new ones.



Comments (9)

That a lot of renders,in my opinion post one of the renders and post a link leading to rest,and post the new ones.

I do like this idea, yeah!

Hard call, but I'd go with only posting new stuff---or _maybe_ posting a representative pic for each of your characters to establish yourself.

This is a great idea, so the first submissions are pretty much all my roster of characters (or the ones I have so far)

Post it all!

No :C

Hoooly shit that's a lot of renders! :O How about: some old favorites for backtrackers, and then the new stuff?

I think check for the most popular posts at this point it's beyond possible, since my account it's gone now. I'll see what can I do, and try to remember which ones were the most faved...

Ah, alright, good thing you still have the files at least. Looking forward to seeing more of those.

Would you ever consider releasing the old model sets, such as Abigail's/Annabelle's Random Set, B+B Ladies, etc?

Huge possibility, maybe I'll add them to the backup blog.

How-bout just a handful of important ones (and some Christmas/Halloween ones pls), and then just new ones.

True talk, I need to do the Christmas picture of this year!

it would be amazing to see all your stuff. I liked it from the 1st moment, mostely Abigail and Rubber Foxy. little question, you posted for a long time Abigail in front of an inflatable dildo. was this ever finished, it would be so great to see this anaimation of her get inflated by this toy. wish a happy new year

All the stuff? hard to tell, there's many of those, but I'm posting the best ones, though. Also! that's a commission, I still need to render two more and then it's ready to be posted!